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For men and women with children, parenting time issues are the most important in any divorce. Where will the children’s primary residence be? How much time will you get to spend with your children? As you look to protect your parental rights, you can rely on The Law Offices of Frank J. Toti to be your strongest advocate.

Las Vegas child custody attorney Frank J. Toti has more than 26 years of experience, and family law attorney Audrey J. Beeson has more than 14 years of experience representing mothers and fathers, seeking arrangements that are in the best interest of parents and children. For a free consultation, call the firm at 702-517-5687 or toll free at 866-470-8526.

Joint Physical Custody

In Nevada, the standard custody arrangement is for parents to have joint physical custody. This has been defined by the courts as a 50/50 split, but can be as divergent as 60/40. If a parent is seeking primary custody, they must demonstrate a compelling reason, such as fault. This could include a parent failing to be a part of their child’s life, abuse and neglect, or substance abuse.

For example, if a husband and wife have been separated for a considerable amount of time and the father has picked up their child every other weekend, the mother could seek primary custody based on the arrangement the children have become accustomed to.

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