Las Vegas Temporary Protective Order Lawyer

Nevada Restraining Order Attorney

Whether you fear for your safety and are seeking a protective order, or you have been wrongfully accused and need help defending against a temporary protective order (TPO), it is important to have the strong representation of an experienced lawyer on your side.

In Las Vegas and throughout Clark County, family law attorney Frank J. Toti has more than 26 years of experience, and family law attorney Audrey J. Beeson has more than 14 years of experience representing men and women in legal matters involving temporary protective orders.

The issues involved in TPO cases are complex and can have a drastic effect on your rights and well-being. To speak to a lawyer about your situation, contact The Law Offices of Frank J. Toti for a free consultation.

Have You Been Served With a TPO?

If you have been served with a TPO, you can seek a temporary order that prevents it from being granted. This will result in a hearing. Frank J. Toti can help you seek to have the hearing date moved up as much as possible so you can resolve this issue and move on with your life.

It is important to realize how serious this situation is. If a TPO is granted and you violate its terms, you could be sentenced with 25 days in jail per violation. The order could also prevent you from being in your own home, limiting or eliminating your ability to be with your children.

Are You Seeking a TPO?

The process for obtaining a TPO in Las Vegas is relatively simple. You must fill out and file the proper documentation, after which the court will decide whether or not to grant the order. Frank J. Toti can help you fill out these documents to make sure they are completed properly. However, you must still personally submit the forms.

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