Family Law Mediation Lawyer

Ending a marriage is a life-changing event, and you may not be at your best. Decision-making is often impaired when it comes to the legal complexities and emotionally charged matters that come with the divorce process. A neutral third party can help you make good choices for both you and your children.

Mediation As An Option Towards Resolution

Divorce does not have to be a bitter battle. Nor is it an automatic path to trial. Pursuing mediation over litigation puts you in control and not subject to a judge’s ruling. You can save not only time, but also the money necessary to achieve a more financially secure, post-divorce life. Also, the cooperative setting can prevent the bitter aftermath that courtroom battles often bring.

Mediation is an opportunity for you and your spouse to find mutual agreement regarding child custody, child support and other family law related matters. It starts with both parties agreeing to a neutral and unbiased mediator who will allow both sides to tell their stories, ask questions and raise any concerns. All issues are discussed in an open and nonjudgmental setting. Upon reaching a final agreement that is satisfactory to all participants, the agreement is filed with the court.

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