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When parents divorce, it is crucial to make sure that their children receive the financial support they need. While Nevada has a very specific formula for determining child support payments, it is important to make sure that accurate information is being used to ensure that child support plans reflect the reality facing children and parents.

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Determining Child Support

The formula for child support is based on gross monthly income and goes up in percentage based on the number of children. If there is joint physical custody, both parents pay based on the amount of custody they have, making up any differences through child support payments.

There are also a number of factors that can be considered by the courts if a parent is seeking to deviate from the state child support guidelines.

Child Support Arrears

There are no time limitations for collecting child support. An existing order is the same as a judgment regardless of how long it has been since you have tried to collect the child support you are owed. In situations where parties are physically separated and there was never a child support order, the courts have discretion to award back child support for up to four years from the filling of the action.

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